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The simple way to find a chauffeur car hire company in the UK   [edit]

Whether you are travelling to, or residing in the UK, if you want a chauffeur driven car, then you will want a simple method of locating one.


The Chauffeur Cars Directory is a specialist directory which lists companies providing chauffeur driven cars, people carriers and wedding transport. Users can opt to use the built in search facility, where they can search by company name or location. Alternatively, they can use the categorised listings to dig down to the nearest company providing chauffeur cars at their destination. The Chauffeur Cars Directory is free to use and includes a brief description of the company, their telephone number and in most cases, a link direct to their website. For convenience, there is also an email contact form for each company listed.

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Can I trademark the term Chauffeur Company or Chauffeur Cars?   [edit]

You can use the term, but you cannot trademark it and even adding the ™ will afford no protection. Similarly, it is not possible to trademark other similar terms such as 'Chauffeur Hire', 'Chauffeur Cars', 'Chauffeur Services', 'Chauffeur Driven', 'Chauffeur Firm' and so on. Why? Because these are everyday, descriptive terms and used to describe a service. The law cannot and will not allow the trade marking of such terms, otherwise the provider of that service would have an unfair advantage over his competitors.

Similarly, you cannot trademark a generic terms, which would describe the general category to which the service or product belongs. For example the word "Chauffeur" is a generic term for Chauffeur, thus it is afforded no protection in law because they are simply too useful for identifying a particular product range or service, such as "Chauffeur Services". Many generic terms may also be descriptive terms. Imagine, if you will, an insurance broker that tried to claim rights for the term 'insurance broker' or the mobile phone manufacturer that attempted to claim the mark 'mobile phone', it is just too silly for words!

It is possible to trademark a distinctive logo that includes these terms. For example, if the individual wanting to use trademark "Chauffeur Cars", produced a unique and distinctive design incorporating those words, it is likely, though never certain, that the mark could be registered. The registration process can be long and quite expensive, whilst you can complete the process yourself, because it is a complex area, there can be some benefit in using specialist solicitors or agents.

The symbol ™ is used to indicate that a word, phrase, logo or design is treated as a trademark by the party. That is, that the party claims rights in the mark, but as alluded to earlier, descriptive and generic terms cannot be trademarked. The symbol ™ is often misused, but this is more likely to be a result of ignorance, rather that any realistic claim to the phrase. Similarly, enforcement of a phrase, simply because it was marked with the symbol ™ would be prone to failure, unless the party could claim some secondary use and have significant resources to employ experts. The trademark must be registered to use the instantly recognisable ® symbol.

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Hackney Carriage versus Private Hire Vehicle   [edit]
All Hackney Carriages (taxis) are required to display an illuminated ‘TAXI’ sign. On licensed cars the sign is fitted to the roof and the word ‘taxi’ is visible from the front. During hours of darkness all taxi signs are illuminated when the vehicles are available for hire. Private Hire Vehicles are not permitted to display any sign on the roof of the vehicle.
 All taxis and Private Hire Vehicles have to display licensed plates, one fixed to the rear and the other to the internal dashboard of the vehicle. The plate displays the licence number and the number of passengers that a vehicle is allowed to carry. The exterior plate affixed to a Hackney Carriage (taxi) are white, whilst a yellow plate is affixed to the rear of a Private Hire Vehicle., except in the case of some 'executive hire' vehicles where an exemption may have been applied for and granted. Hackney Carriages (taxis) can be hailed directly from the street or hired from taxi ranks, which are situated in each town. Private Hire Vehicles must by law be pre-booked. A Private Hire Vehicle may also include a Stretched Limousine, which will not be permitted to carry any more than 8 passengers and will also be required to display a yellow plate on the rear of the limousine unless exemption has been granted.
 All Hackney Carriage (taxis) are fitted with fare meters, which should be used for each journey. Fares are fixed for each vehicle by the District Council, and a fare card must be displayed inside the taxi.

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Find a local company offering chauffeur cars in the UK   [edit]

If you are looking to use the internet, then there are a number of specialist directories that feature chauffeur driven cars. The type of directory you use will be depend on whether you are looking for a chauffeur driven car, stretched limousine, or wedding car.

The Chauffeur Cars Directory provides a search enabled directory allowing users to locate a company providing chauffeur cars by company name, town, city or county. It also lists companies supplying classic, vintage and modern wedding cars. There is a short description of the services offered by the company together with their website address and email contact form.

The Chauffeur Cars and Limousine Hire Directory is a well established directory. It includes companies that provide chauffeur driven cars, limousines for hire, wedding cars and niche limousines such as fire engines or pink limousines for example. The Directory lists companies by county or type of vehicle. There is a short description of the services offered by the company together with their website address and email contact details.

The Vehicle Hire Directory is a relative newcomer, but contains a comprehensive list of companies providing chauffeur cars, wedding transport, limousine hire, classic and vintage cars, as well as self-drive car and van hire and motor home hire. Each listing includes a brief description of the company and what it offers together with an email contact address, some of the featured listings include, where applicable, a website address.

Another useful source for locating a local company providing chauffeur cars is Yell.com, where you can search by company name and/or location. Companies that have invested in a 'featured listing' will also have, if available, a website address. There are also some 'general directories' that include a comprehensive listings of chauffeur car companies based in the UK, including SlackAlice and Directory Search

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How to become a chauffeur in the UK   [edit]

The first hurdle is age, because, whilst there is no issue with ageism within the chauffeur industry, insurance can be an issue. Typically, to secure the position of a chauffeur you will need to be over 25, some companies will only employ chauffeur over the age of 30 because of insurance issues.

If you have no experience, then you would be better prepared and, more likely to succeed in securing work as a chauffeur if you have already attended and passed a training course, such as the one run by the British Chauffeurs Guild. In addition, any other qualifications such as a PCV or LGV licence would be advantageous, as would the passing of a test operated by the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Typically, no insurance company and therefore no chauffeur companies, will accept you if you have in excess of 6 points on your licence and even then, they must be for minor infractions.

Other driving qualifications will provide evidence of past experience with larger, or passenger carrying vehicles and of course, completing the training operated by the British Chauffeurs Guild will suggest that you know the theory. Nonetheless, neither provides a guarantee that you will make a good chauffeur, nor that you will have the necessary 'people skills'.

The best way to get accepted into this industry is to start at the bottom and seek a company that is willing to employ you on a part-time or casual basis, in order that you can 'train on the job'. There are some "free to register and use" sites such as Changing Lanes, which advertise poitions for chauffeurs as well as other professional drivers. You could also try some of the larger chauffeur companies or those that operate nationally such as Cars for Stars to maximise your chance of success in securing the opportunity to start as a chauffeur.

Another useful resource for finding local chauffeur companies would be either the Yellow Pages or a specialist Chauffeur Cars Directory. But before you can step into a chauffeur driven car, you will have to be licensed, for a chauffeur car hire business this will normally be a Private Hire Licence, or in the case of London, a PCO Licence issued by the Public Carriage Office, part of Transport for London. In order to apply for a Private Hire Licence, you will need to find a local company that would be willing to employ you, and then you can apply for a Private Hire Licence for the local authority that has issued the chauffeur company with their Private Hire Licence.

In London, you will have to apply to the Public Carriage Office, currently you do not normally have to be 'attached' to a chauffeur company, but this may well change. In both cases, you will be required, at the very least to pass a medical and a Criminal Records Bureau check. The latter can take anything up to 4 months and you will not be issued your Licence without it. So, in this industry, patience really is a virtue, but this will hold you in good stead should you go on to become a chauffeur.

To maximise your chance of securing a job as a chauffeur, you should also consider approaching limousine hire companies, many of whom operate under a Private Hire Licence or a Bus Operators Licence. In addition, if they only operate stretched limousines, the nature of their business is such, that they will typically employ chauffeurs on a casual and/or part-time basis to cater for the peak periods (evenings and weekends). This may type of arrangement may be more appropriate if you are just looking to earn additional income through your job as a chauffeur, or indeed, you just want to see how you fit before you make the plunge!

The job of a chauffeur can be very enjoyable, but it can also be very tiring, subject to unsocial hours, need personal flexibility and require a great deal of just sitting around. The novelty of driving around in a shiny, top of the range car, will soon wear off if you are not prepared to accept the working conditions.

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Review of the Chrysler 300 executive chauffeur driven car   [edit]

Chauffeur driven Chrysler 300 saloonThere are few chauffeur driven cars, that for the budget, have the same level of presence as the new Chrysler 300 chauffeur driven car. Operated by the UK based, award winning chauffeur car hire company, Cars for Stars, the Chrysler 300 has proven to be a firm favourite with business and leisure clients alike. The Chrysler 300 chauffeur car is often described as a "baby Bentley" because of its similarity, from the front, with the Bentley Flying Spur.

Apart from stunning looks, the diesel Chrysler 300, operated by Cars for Stars is both powerful and whisper quiet, in fact most passengers would be unable to tell the difference between a petrol and diesel. The interior retro styling is also in a class of its own, with an excellent combination of polished metal and wood finish. Above all, the Chrysler 300 offers ample room for rear seat passengers thanks to a deep foot well and, arguably offers more rear seat passenger room than any other car within its class and budget.Interior of Chrysler 300 chauffeur driven car

As would be expected for a quality chauffeur driven car, the Chrysler 300 comes complete with air conditioning and leather seats, providing comfort and style. The Chrysler 300 is the entry level chauffeur driven car operated by Cars for Stars, with competitive pricing, but requiring no compromise in terms of style, presence and comfort, which explains why it remains the most requested chauffeur driven car operated by Cars for Stars.

Cars for Stars is a UK based company operating chauffeur driven cars and limousine. Based in London, it offers national service through an extensive, branch network of franchised offices. All Cars for Stars franchises are fully licensed by their respective local authority, or in the case of London, by the Public Carriage Office (PCO), which means that the chauffeurs will have been subjected to a medical and criminal records bureau check and the chauffeur cars and limousines will be subjected to regular and vigorous tests.

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Review of the all new Jaguar XJ (LWB) chauffeur driven saloon   [edit]

Jaguar XJ (LWB) chauffeur driven saloonThere can be few cars that share the same pedigree, prestige and sheer presence than that offered by the all new, flag ship model of the Jaguar XJ, long wheel based saloon and if any car deserves to be chauffeur driven, then it just has to be the Jaguar XJ. Operated by UK based, award winning, Cars for Stars, the long wheel based version of the all new Jaguar is a favourite amongst business and private clients like, who demand style, presence and above all comfort from their chauffeur driven car.

The all new Jaguar XJ has stunning looks and is arguably, one of the most practical and prestigious chauffeur driven cars available in the UK. Rear seat passengers enjoy plenty of leg room provided by the extended wheel base (LWB) and can relax in the sumptuous leather seats surrounded by a stylish combination of wood, polished metal and leather. Cars for Stars operates the diesel version of the Jaguar XJ (LWB), but the rear seat passengers wouldn't know it, the car is so quiet and powerful, it truly belies its size.

As would be expected with an executive chauffeur driven car, the Jaguar XJ (LWB) comes complete with air conditioning and leather seats, providing comfort and style. With an experienced, fully licensed chauffeur, Cars for Stars guests can also enjoy the benefit of being able to relax, in comfort reading the latest newspaper and, if they choose, sip from the complimentary chilled mineral water provided. Because of the size of the rear doors and the amount of room available to rear seat passengers in the long wheel based version, the Jaguar XJ is increasing being requested as the lead wedding car for the bride to be, demonstrating what an all round winner this chauffeur driven car truly is.Interior of all new Jaguar XJ, long wheel base, chauffeur driven car

Cars for Stars is a UK based company operating chauffeur driven cars and limousine. Based in London, it offers national service through an extensive, branch network of franchised offices. All Cars for Stars franchises are fully licensed by their respective local authority, or in the case of London, by the Public Carriage Office (PCO), which means that the chauffeurs will have been subjected to a medical and criminal records bureau check and the chauffeur cars and limousines will be subjected to regular and vigorous tests.